Pretty To Look At, But Better To Drink

July 15, 2020

That’s a good lookin’ whiskey cabinet loaded with spirits you got there. I’m sure you get lots of compliments. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool to have a bottle of Japanese whiskey or Jack Daniel’s Sinatra shimmering through your bar lights for friends to ooh and aww over, but, why aren’t you drinking any of it? Unlike wine, whiskey doesn’t age anymore once it’s in the bottle.

If you keep a 12-year-old bottle for 100 years, it always remains a 12-year-old whiskey.

And you should probably move that cabinet away from the window. Direct sunlight can degrade whiskey or at the very least, overheat the bottle and cause evaporation. And with what you paid for that Sinatra, do you really think that’s a good idea?

Air and temperature are also crucial to storing whiskey. Oxygen is an integral part of the whiskey distilling process, but once it gets to your home bar, it has already reached peak maturity. So prolonged exposure to air can hurt your spirit. A half-empty bottle should be transferred to a smaller whiskey decanter. Just make sure it’s lead-free.

And never, ever store your whiskey in the freezer. Somewhere around 55 degrees is optimal. Oh, and don’t store whiskey on its side. Keep it upright so it stays fresh and debris-free. And after all of these tips if you’re still concerned about finishing the whiskey at its peak goodness, message us. We’ll be right over.