Good For What Ails Ya

October 8, 2020

In 1577, the health properties of whiskey were well known, quote, “Being moderately taken, it slows the age, cuts phlegm, helps digestion, cures the dropsy, it heals the strangulation, keeps and preserves the head from whirling, the tongue from lisping, the stomach from womblying, the guts from rumbling, the hands from shivering, the bones from aching…and truly it is a sovereign liquor if it be orderly taken.” Quite the sales pitch. But, what does the research say today? Pretty much the same thing!

Whiskey can fight a cold. The traditional “hot toddy”, with its honey, lemon, and hot water can loosen mucus membranes to help deal with the infection. The science also shows that whiskey, specifically single malt, can lower the risk of heart disease because of its large amount of antioxidants.

And a 2003 study has shown that drinkers that consume one to six portions of whiskey per week were half as likely to suffer dementia. And the big one, can whiskey fight cancer, may also be true. Whiskey contains ellagic acid, the same acid that is in wine. This acid helps the body absorb rogue cells that can lead to cancer. However, it should be noted that this acid can also easily be found in fruit. So drop a piece of peach in your bourbon just to cover all the bases.

And there you have it.  In moderation, whiskey makes a great medicine. And it obviously tastes better than anything you’ll get down the cough syrup aisle.